Thank you for helping us celebrate our 125th Anniversary!

We're praying that this historical marker will encourage us to Amplify Hope Across the Coast!

Drive by our former beachfront location and view our historical marker, generously donated by the Scrap Iron Life Group. Thank God for His unfailing faithfulness and pray about ways for God to use us as we LIVE SENT for the next 125 years!

Let's pray together.

125 Days of Prayer: August 29 - December 31

Submit a prayer request by tapping the button below that you feel called to share with our church family as we work together to Amplify Hope Across the Coast by Connecting People to Life in Jesus.

God is doing amazing things at First Baptist Gulfport, but we are most in awe of the fact that God has used us in order to Amplify Hope Across the Coast and the World for 125 years.

Whether you’ve been a part of First Baptist Gulfport in the past or just joined us recently, we loved hearing your testimonies and memories!

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you."

John 20:21