Jesus has called us beyond “come and see” to “Go and Make.”

When we follow Christ, our purpose becomes His purpose.

We must #LiveSent until the Gulf Coast and the world has been connected to LIFE in Jesus.

What does it mean to #LiveSent?

#LivingSent Testimony

"I love living sent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!"  - Dr. Jimmy Stewart

For the past month, members have been going door-to-door in neighborhoods around the church. We invited our neighbors to join us for Easter Sunday. We passed out information. We prayed with people. There is nothing like connecting with people at their front door. Strangers no more. Living Sent is not always complicated, nor does it require lots of time and money. What it does require is faithfulness and a willingness to connect with people.
How will we “connect people to life in Jesus” unless we first connect with them? Find your field and begin to work it for the glory of the Lord. Connect with any one of 200,000 unchurched who live right here! Jesus said he will make His disciples fishers of men. How are they biting for you? What are you using to catch them? Where is your favorite fishing spot? If you don’t have one, let me know and I will take you with me!

How have you been #LivingSent this year?

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