I Will Delight in the Law of the Lord

Jul 31, 2022    Dr. Jimmy Stewart

Psalms is a collection of musical poems and prayers of diverse authorship and style. The Psalms serve to articulate the hope and despair, the faith and fear, the praise and complaints of those who express themselves to God through the ups and downs of life1. This journey through the Psalms will help us see, know and claim as our own, the truth of God’s word, the value of God’s favor, the availability of God’s presence and the blessing of God’s provision. Oh, that we might know Him in our church and our generation as the authors of Psalms knew Him. That we might call out to Him in times of worship with songs of praise and words of adoration. That we might, in times of need and fear, call out to Him as the only one who can meet our need and remove our fear. The Lord is the only one deserving of our praise.