"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Matthew 28:19

Our hope at First Baptist Gulfport is to empower our church to live on mission each and every day. We desire to be a church that gives cheerfully to the mission God has put before us, to go where He calls us to go, and to grow closer to God as we grow closer to each other.

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GO Local.

Our first responsibility is to serve people right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we accomplish that by supporting and partnering with local outreach ministries across the Coast.

GO National

Resonate Church 
(Preston + Kristen Dabbs)

The vision  of Resonate Church is to become an urgent, multiplying, collegiate church planting movement planting 21 churches by the year 2021. They are currently reaching college students at Washington State University, University of Idaho, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, University of Oregon, Western Oregon University, Boise State University, and Idaho State University.

GO Global

Training Pastors International (South America)

Greg Moore

PGC Foundation (Philippines)

But God Ministries (Haiti)

Annual Mission Trip Destination

COVID-19 Relief

If you need help, we first want to say that we see you and we care about you! Our goal during this crisis is to serve you however you need. Follow the instructions below (under “Get Help”) to get in touch with us and to let us know how we can serve you!

If you want to help, there are multiple ways you can serve people in your community who are vulnerable to or have been effected by the virus. View the opportunities to serve (under “Give Help”) to learn how you can help members of our faith community and of the larger Gulf Coast community who are in need.